I’m all about saving time and being efficient – squeezing the most out of my day and out of life!  This is my short list of SAASy apps that I use on a daily basis to keep things in control.

Google Apps – this is a suite of services for business.  There are a ton of linked services that are native to Google and a ton of add-ons that you can link to your GApps account.  The services that I use almost incessantly are GMail for business, Google Calendar, and Google Docs.  It doesn’t hurt that I can sync and access all my info (email, calendar, contacts, tasks) from my phone, without much interference from me beyond the initial linking of accounts.

Tungle.me – this has to be one of my favorite Google Apps add-ons.  It syncs with your Google Calendar and allows others to schedule appointments with you.  No more playing phone tag trying to schedule an appointment with clients or potential clients – they just go to your tungle.me page and select a time from what you have available.  

Dropbox & SmartVault – these are a online storage solutions.  Again, something that you can set & forget.  (Are you beginning to see a pattern here?)  Once you have done your initial setup and selected the sync frequency – then it runs on autopilot.  For me it’s the added peace of mind that my important files are backed up (read: disaster recovery plan – everyone needs to have a plan!).  I use Dropbox to easily share files with family (you know non-business stuff) and SmartVault to share files with clients (the business stuff).  PS – SmartVault is more than just online storage – in case you were wondering.

LastPass – this is a password management solution.  I heard about this one at here at DigiTwirl.  Just think, you only have to remember ONE password.  Well (IMO), sort of.  You just have to remember the LastPass password…but if you use apps on your phone that require you to login, then either you have to upgrade to the paid version or you need to remember those passwords (so like I said about remembering one password… sort of).  

Do you use something that you find helpful?  Something that can help me and other SME owners squeeze every ounce of efficiency out of the day?  Let me know!  




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