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A good foundation + good numbers = better decisions and more profitability!

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Play Smarter Instead of Doing everything the hard way…

That’s right, it’s about time that you started playing smarter instead of doing everything the hard way.

It’s time that you doubled down on what works.

Don’t you want to increase your productivity, efficiency AND profitability?

To the point where your business is profitable on purpose?

So instead of doing all the things and making money by accident, you spend your time & energy laser-focused on the services & products that make you predictable profits.

Here’s the problem…

You know that in order to have predictable profitability that allows you to grow and scale your business, you need to know your numbers…

However, there’s that nagging pull to do everything but your books consistently.  Because…

👉🏽 Bookkeeping is boring

👉🏽 You’re not a “numbers person”

👉🏽 You’re stuck/unsure if your “did it right”

👉🏽 It’s one more piece of tech/software to learn

confused by numbers

Escape Your Zone of Blah & 
Embrace your zone of genius

Can you imagine having a game plan for growth?  Without forcing yourself to be a “numbers person”, without piles of spreadsheets, without second-guessing if you’re “doing it right”…

What would your life/business feel like if you could:

💡 Get laser-focused on the products and services on your value ladder that are actually profitable

💡 Set goals and a budget based on your business performance and productivity

💡 Escape your Zone of Blah: the dreaded day-to-day bookkeeping tasks. Embrace and hang out in your Zone of Genius: coaching/consulting your clients and creating your fabulous courses

💡 Go into tax time STRESS FREE, or super close to it, because your accounting is up-to-date, reviewed and ready to go to your tax accountant.

💡 Count on your cashflow and be profitable on purpose

Ready to make the most of your time & energy while growing a predictably profitable business?

Outsourced Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

The hands-on, done-for-you service that helps successful service providers like coaches, consultants and course creators grow, scale and maintain their flourishing businesses.

Here’s what Megan had to say about working with us…

Megan (For Consulting)
Megan Everett - Project Manager

I trust Joyce M. Washington, CPA, of TheCommonCents.com, to have my back while I focus on growing my business and serving my clients.

She tells me exactly how healthy my business is by looking at my numbers. She alerts me to small problems so they don’t become big ones.

Joyce makes me laugh while telling it like it is. She helped me figure out how to make my small business a PROFITABLE one.

Joyce is the third CPA I have worked with. The first two came highly recommended, and knew nothing about online businesses.

I highly recommend Joyce as an experienced, professional, strategic partner who will look after the financial side of your business as fiercely as if it were her own.

built to fit your needs as a busy business owner, Here’s the breakdown of our outsourced accounting and bookkeeping Service package…

Money Systems Optimization

an optimized system eliminates the fluff and leaves only what you truly need to get paid and monitor your finances


recordkeeping + transaction review keeps you on top of your cashflow – both the ins and outs

cashflow monitoring

keeps you on top of the money coming in – especially if you have installment plans for your programs

bank & Credit Card reconciliations

another cashflow check to make sure that all transactions are included in your accounting system

financial report Preparation

the reports bring things altogether, answering the big question – are you profitable?

Personalized review/debrief

video review and notes from our team to give you insight into the specific trends and things to watch for in YOUR business

Team Support includes:

status updates

your numbers at your fingertips while they are still relevant to your day to day operations

Unlimited support

via email & Voxer support; you’re not alone on your business journey, we’re here to help and answer questions

Xero + hubdoc subscriptons

including this in our service package means it’s a few less subscriptions you have to add to your expense budget

looking at numbers

What Makes Our outsourced accounting and bookkeeping Service different?

Our service is specifically crafted for service providers like coaches, consultants and course creators.

We work with and understand the ins and outs of the tech you use and speak your business language…launches, evergreen, funnels, coaching action plans, memberships, course programs, etc.

And we’re an accounting agency.  You’ll find that because we have a team of virtual accountants and bookkeepers, there will be little to no downtime when you have a question or concern.



👉🏼 Our service agreements are on a 12-month basis, payable monthly.

👉🏼 New clients are given a 60-day trial period so that we can make sure that we are a great fit for each other.

👉🏼 If necessary, a catchup and/or cleanup fee will be quoted separately and scheduled upon mutual approval.

How we Get Started –
Our New Client Process

Step One - Book A Money Systems Assessment call

A mini-systems review that we do together – where we discuss  the level of support you need, any add on services and how The Common Cents team help

Step Two - Proposal + Service Agreement

Per our discussions, you’ll receive a service agreement that outlines + confirms the scope of agreed-upon services.  Once signed, we are ready to get the numbers party started.


You’ll be invited to our secure client portal and we will finalize + optimize your money systems, get you set up on our systems and start your ongoing services


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between bookkeeping, accounting and a CFO service?
Bookkeeping is the transaction level of your money system. It is the foundational level of everything.

Accounting is actually in between bookkeeping and CFO services… it is the reporting level (and for most people, lumped into the bookkeeping level of money management).

CFO’s typically are the analysts of the bunch – looking for and spotting the trends, reviewing budgets versus actual figures… They are the money detectives that look for ways to optimize profits and cashflow.

I’m not using Xero. Do you use other accounting programs like QBO?

Nope.  So that we can optimize our workflows, we concentrate on learning and mastering one accounting software suite and how we can integrate it with other 3rd party tech that you need to run an online business.  We choose Xero Accounting as our base software.

I’m not using Xero (part 2). Will you migrate/setup my books for me?

YES. If you aren’t already using Xero, we will do a systems setup. Please note: migration/setup does NOT include retroactive (catchup) bookkeeping or cleanup.

What if my bookkeeping isn’t up to date? Can you help me?

No worries. We will discuss this during your Money Systems Assessment, including scheduling and estimate of additional fees for completion.

Do you file business/personal taxes?

No, but I do have quite a few accounting friends that do.  We’re happy to refer you to someone on our list of trusted advisors.

What is the investment for this service?

That depends on the size of your business and the frequency that we perform services.  Our monthly service package starts at $625 per month and our weekly service package starts at $950 per month.

Still not sure if the Outsourced accounting and bookkeeping  Service is for you?

This service is a perfect fit for you, if…

➕ You’re an online coach, consultant or course creator with a revenue of 5-6 figures

➕ You’ve attempted to do your own bookkeeping but you haven’t been able to keep up/do it consistently

➕ You’ve got goals but you don’t know where to focus your time & energy

➕ You’re ready & want help diving into the numbers

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