To encourage the safe and secure exchange of files… here are my top freebies to get you started.

1.  DropBox – basic “free” account includes storage up to 2GB, not too bad.  Once you setup your account, sharing, syncing and accessing your files is a breeze.  If you need more storage space, the paid versions start at $9.99/month.

2.  SmartVault –  this is basically a “try-before-you-buy” kinda thing or a “just need to send share one or two files with someone.  SmartVault is pretty easy to use and as an accountant, I like it’s ability to sync with some of my business programs.  The paid versions start at $19/month.

3.  FilesAnywhere – the Files Anywhere basic/free plan includes up to 1GB of storage for 1 user.  Very similar to Dropbox but I like DB’s interface better and I find the period threat of account deletion  unless I sign into my account a bit annoying.

4. Google Docs (bonus) – although really a suite of products, GDocs can be used for storage and bonus…collaboration.

There are tons of free & premium online storage applications available… do your research and embrace the cloud.  Once you have experienced the convenience, I’m sure you won’t look back.

Did your favorite online storage solution make my list?  Have some that you want to share with the class?  Let me hear about them in the comments.



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