Timing is everything, here are a few tools that will help you automate that processes a bit and still be social, after all, it IS “social” media… right?

 Timely – This little web-based tool allows you to schedule your tweets.  It supposedly chooses the optimal time for posts.  I’ve been using this for about a week, mainly for my informational tweets (stuff that I find online or great blog posts from others that I like to share).  So far so good… I like it.   PRICE:  FREE!

SocialOomph – Similar to Timely but a little more robust.  SocialOomph has a TON of features for the power user to check out.  I haven’t really used this one…not sure that I will.  It’s nice and everything, just not for me.  Some things you can’t automate – like relationship building.  PRICE:  FREE (Upgraded Professional Version:  $29.97/month)

TweetDeck –  Several versions available (desktop, iPhone, Android, Chrome), recently acquired/merged with Twitter.  I use or have used 3 out of 4 (all but the iPhone version).  With the desktop & Chrome versions, you can schedule tweets (and you can also pull in other social media profiles and use it as a central command center).  I use this one to keep up with my Tweeps!  PRICE:  FREE!

HootSuite – Similar to Tweetdeck, I’ve only used the Android version of this one.  There  are a few features that I liked and a few that I didn’t like.  I only really tried it out because Tweetdeck was acting a little ‘buggy’ that week.  I have since uninstalled it because it was too similar and I really didn’t need the addition app on my phone… however, still a great little program.  PRICE:  FREE!  (Upgraded Pro Version:  $5.99/month)


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