1. Freedom: outsourcing to a service provider allows you to concentrate on income generating activities, increasing your income…
  2. Reduces overhead: if you don’t have an accounting department, you don’t need the office space, telephones, cubicles, chairs, filing cabinets, etc. You can reallocate that budget to other areas or eliminate it altogether.
  3. Real time accessibility: offering you real-time accessibility to reports, you know what your cash position is at any given time that is up to date. Up to date information allows you to easily manage your cash flow… and manage your business.
  4. Secure, off-site storage/backup: not that anything catastrophic will happen but just in case, all your financial information is safe and secure. The cost and time it would take to recreate your finances could be prohibitive, if that were ever necessary. With off-site storage & backup, you don’t have to worry about that.
  5. No more hiring headaches: it’s hard to find and supervise the work of a bookkeeper when realistically, you have no idea what they are supposed to be doing and turnover is costly.
  6. No more training headaches: if hiring is a headache, training is too. And if you’re a small business owner training those coming and going through the revolving door of the employer-employee relationship can get expensive. That disappears with outsourcing.
  7. No more continuity/consistency issues: because an outsourcing provider is there for you day in and day out, you don’t have to worry about the “new person” and their learning curve.
  8. Less stress: you can relax knowing that your finances are taking care of by competent professionals and concentrate on driving your income and growing your business.
  9. Internal privacy: eliminate talking about the company’s financial health around the water cooler. Having an independent outsourcing service firm gives you, the owner, more privacy when it comes to the companies overall finances.
  10. Fixed monthly fee: like you, Common Cents is a small business and we don’t particularly care for hourly billing either… so we do a detailed review of your files to derive a fixed monthly fee for you.

Are you ready to drive your bottom line… upward? Let’s make it happen. ~Joyce


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