Do you balance your checkbook or do you swipe the debit card on a hope & a prayer that the transaction will go through?

Did you go to school for accounting or at least take a bookkeeping class?  No?  Stop it. 

Stop doing bookkeeping when you know you hate it.  Stop fiddling around software that you know you don’t understand.  Stop looking at reports when you know you don’t know what the heck you’re looking at.  Stop procrastinating – you know you need help so get some.


Let someone help you get the most out of your accounting software, help you read your financial statements AND help you achieve your growth goals and hit performance benchmarks.

Numbers aren’t that bad or scary but if they give you a headache, cause you to cower in the corner grasping your security blanket, you might need to seek some help.  LOL.  Okay, seriously, I’m sure it’s not that bad but many solopreneurs/small business owners wear more hats than they have to (myself included).

Want some help?  Let’s talk.  Let Team Common Cents be a part of the solution to your analysis paralysis problem so you can get back to the work that you love, the passion behind your why.



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