Stop it.  Stop it right now.  Stop clock watching.  Stop tracking time.

Clock WatchingYou know the drill.

Timesheets.  Billable hours.  Time-tracking.

Apps for your phone.  Apps for your desktop.

Blah, blah, blah.

Seriously, it’s all crap & a waste of time.

I mean, it’s all fine and dandy… in theory, until you start your own business or work from home for the day…or even if you’re part of cubicle nation working in an office environment.

When you actually get to work, theory goes out that the window and something crazy called LIFE happens.

The Whirling Dervish aka Life

Let me paint a picture for you.  Are you ready?  Here goes.

You start working on a project for one of your top customers.  You start task one of project one and everything is running smoothly.  You’ve got your super big cup of coffee, you’re settled in, smiling at yourself ready to get to it and delivery in killer fashion for your customer.

But then it happens.  Minutes into project domination, it happens.  The phone rings.  The dog starts barking, giving you the “I need to go outside NOW” look.  The baby starts crying.  So you answer the phone, let the dog out and you run off to check on baby.

After you finally wrap up the call, let the dog back in and have made breakfast for the baby…you finally get back to your desk only to realize..   Dammit, you forgot to stop the time tracker before you got up to handle the whirling dervish that you call life.

Great Theory, Lacks Practical Application

See what I mean?  Time tracking & clocking watching are debatably great in theory and arguably have their place but lack practical application.

Think you’re immune because you don’t have children or pets or because you work in an office?  Au contraire mon amie!  If anything, you’re worse off.

You’re worse off because you’ve been lulled into this false sense of security.  The security of “nothing will go wrong, everything will go according to plan and I’ll knock out everything on my to-do list just as I’ve planned”.  At least the work from home mom & dad KNOW that something wacky can (and probably will) pop off at any second…

Stop clock watching already… Start focusing on something else!

So what do you do?  Stop it.  I mean really, stop it.

Stop watching the clock and start watching something else.

Start watching what’s important.

Start watching the value you provide your customers.

Start watching the solutions you bring to the table.

Start watching what your really deliver… and baby, let me tell you…it’s not a clock and it’s not time.


So what are you really tracking?  Let me hear it in the comments.

Have a question… not sure how to stop time tracking & clock watching?  Leave your question in the comments.  

Want to know what to do instead of time tracking & clock watching?

Check out The Blueprint Bootcamp:  https://thecommoncents.com/the-blueprint-bootcamp/

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