remote access

What’s the difference?  Remote.  Telecommute.  Cloud.  Virtual.  Terms that are used interchangeably but don’t really mean the same thing.  Here’s what I mean:

Remote working/remote access:  With the use of the internet or software, I use my computer to access your computer from my location.  I am actually controlling your computer remotely from my location.  Some remote access providers include:  LogMeIn, GoToAssist/GoToMyPC, Join.Me, Mikogo

  • Pros:  Relatively inexpensive to implement (some also have free versions – like Join.Me or Mikogo)
  • Cons:  ties up your clients’ computer/resources while you do the work; can create unexpected computing errors; limited to the time/schedule of the client (someone has to activate the remote session), sometime there’s considerable lag-time (time between you clicking the mouse and see the result on the screen)

Virtual working/virtual access:  With the use of the internet and the cloud, instead of being located on your client’s desktop, files are located on remote server (not to be confused with remote access/working above).  In this scenario, both my client and I can access the same file(s)…for example their QuickBooks file, at the same time.

  • Pros:  Frees up resources (any time/any where access from any computer with Internet access); no scheduling conflicts; not as much lag time (response depends on your Internet connection/speed); Cost is relatively inexpensive/comparable to that of remote access pricing plans; added layer for emergency backup/data recovery
  • Cons:  can be a little too “techy” for some
Each have their own pros and cons.  My preference is, as I am sure you have already guessed, virtual working!  For all the reasons I’ve listed above and more.

Want another take on Remote Versus Virtual (Cloud)… check out this piece on AccountingWeb.com by Kara Haas >>Remote vs. Cloud: The perks of working with clients in cyberspace.


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