The folks over at Intuit have been playing around with this feature and it’s delivery method for a few years.  In the cloud or local… paid/premium service or freemium service or free service.  As you can see, many different flavor combinations and as you can imagine… with the release of QuickBooks 2012, it’s changed again.

Check out this piece by Charlie Russell of the Sleeter Group QuickBooks Tips/Tricks Blog for more details on the changes, pros and cons, etc.

Document Management has been an optional feature in QuickBooks since the 2010 release. The product has evolved over the past two years, and with QuickBooks 2012 we see not only some improvements, but also a dramatic change in how the product is offered. Local storage of documents is free. In addition, the ability to store your documents in the Cloud with Quickbooks Attached Documents is being phased out.

Read the full article on the Sleeter Group blog >>


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