Plan Your Staffing Now – Before The Post Recession Rebound!

So you got what you think is a bargain when you hired the new accountant… What are you going to do when the economy rebounds and that employee that took a 25-50% paycut, heads for the nearest exit faster than you can say “2 weeks notice”?

Let’s face it, the harsh reality is that there will be a lot of turnover and attrition of good employees.  In fact, it’s not IF it will happen but WHEN.  So what do you do?  My suggestion:  prepare yourself by planning for the inevitable.  It’s that time of year – budget time!  So budget for changes (turnover/new employees).  Evaluate the possibility that you may need to outsource a few tasks (telemarketing, social media, accounting/bookkeeping, marketing, etc),  Look at what your core products and services are… wherever you can, tighten your belt.

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