With all the top ten lists about this and that for Blackberry & Iphone users, I thought I would compile a similar list for G1/Android Users on the go.  These are the apps that I use daily and along with GMail & Calendar… pretty much can’t live without because they keep me on track and on task.  Hope you find a few that may be helpful and useful to you.

PDANet – I searched high and low for an application that would allow me to get on the Internet using my phone/handset as a modem without messing around with the “root system”.  I finally found one that suits the purpose.  It’s free for the first 30 days then it’s $29 to purchase.  ALTERNATIVE:  ProXoid – this one can be a little confusing because you have to “start the tunnel” each time on your laptop before accessing the program on your handset but again…not a bad alternative and it’s f-r-e-e.

Google Voice – I like this one especially if you’re like me and want to have a “super secret” phone number for only friends/family or use it as your “home” number for co-workers and business contacts instead of giving everyone and their brother your cell phone number.  One of the slick features about this program (that I love) is that it records and transcribes your messages AND it will text or email it to you.  Although it is by invite on, the price is right on this one too…as in, free.  ALTERNATIVE:  YouMail Visual VoiceMail Plus – if you don’t care about giving out your cell phone number (some people don’t), YouMail offers some of the same features as Google Voice, like voicemail notification via text & email and, for a fee, transcription.

DubMeNow -When you’re traveling and/or out and about, you have enough to care without having to worry about packing your business cards too.  DubMeNow (or DUB) is an electronic alternative to carrying around business cards.  You can send the person your information from your phone.

GoogleMaps – with the recent upgrade, you really don’t need another app.  Google Maps will now give you driving, walking and mass transit directions AND it moves with you (like the various GPS navigators on the market).  The only thing it doesn’t do is talk to you but I imagine that will be included in future updates.  ALTERNATIVE:  Glympse – the addition cool feature with this one is that you can create a profile and share your location with your friends.  Both apps are free.

PayPal – if you have a need to take payments on the road, PayPal has a free app that will link your phone to your virtual account.  Just that simple.  ALTERNATIVES:  I’m sure there are also apps for Authorize.Net and others… just do a search in the Market.

MoneyManager – last but not least, while you’re on the road (or at home), you need to keep track of the ins and outs of your money, right?  This is a nice app that allows you the categorize your income/expenses, backup and export (to csv file).  Packs a lot of punch…

If you have noticed a trend, I like free apps that work *smile*….hey, what can I say… I’m an accountant some have ads on them but what’s a little ad at the top or bottom of your screen going to do?  Developers have to make their money too, right?

Phone Applications for the Business Traveler

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