Packaging your services and creating levels can be tough stuff.

You’ve asked your audience and they’ve told you what they want…

You have an idea of what you want to do.

But exactly how do you apply the magic of 3?

And level out your packaging?

That’s where it’s tricky.

it's tricky

“it’s tricky to rock around, it’s trickyyyyyy” ~Run-DMC

Simple Techniques

If you’ve read anything that I’ve written, you probably already know that I really like simplicity.  That hasn’t changed.

And I kinda like the number 3 (thanks to Mr. Ariely).

So here are THREE tips & techniques to help you on the road to packaging your services and leveling them out (creating levels of service).

Big Daddy (Or Kitchen Sink) Approach

Create a Big Daddy – Everything & The Kitchen Sink Package.

And then strip.  Work your way down the totem pole to your middle package and then to your junior, or lowest, package.

If you want to work it from the opposite direction, figure out what the bare minimum service package is and add things to it to create your middle package and then your premium, or big daddy, package.

For my packaging, I found it easier to create the premium package (Big Daddy Package) first, then work my way down by taking a few items away (or changing the frequency of contact)…I found that to be easier than starting with the junior packages and trying to work my way up.

Either way works… Just figure out which way works for you.

Multiples Approach

Create Multiples.

Sometimes the path of least resistance is the land of multiples.

By multiples, I mean, if you have determined that you base package really can’t be improved but adding services or additional products to it… you may want to just stick with the base and use multiples to create the levels of service.

A prime example of an industry that this works for is coaching.  Some coaches (myself included), have a base session and then multiples of it.  In my case, I have a Power Pack of 9 sessions, 3 sessions or 1 session.

None Of The Above Approach

What if neither of those approaches work for you?

Now is the time that I’m going to go on record and say… sometimes you don’t need levels.

**Record Scratch**

I know it’s utterly shocking but it’s true.

There are some circumstances where levels just make absolutely no sense at all.

Like if you have a stand-alone self-paced training product.

A product that your really can’t beef up or water down, without ruining the product you created.

In this case, you just have to price it right to make it a no-brainer for you potential customer.

If you would like to learn more about product and service packaging, check out my free webinar: From Busy To Business in 30 Days.

Until next time…

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