Ever feel like you just don’t feel like it?  *thought to self… did that make any sense to anyone but me? *  Anyway, back to the scheduled programming…

Lately, I’ve been on a goal setting kick…mostly because I’ve achieved a few and I like how that feels and I want to feel that again.  Notice how many times I said “feel”…. quite a few.  Feelings are quite addictive.

So… I’m working on my 90 plan (or have been for the last few days) as a part of my personal & professional “Finish Strong” goals for the last quarter of 2011.  At first, I was a little stuck.  I was stuck because I was a bit overwhelmed (seemed like a huge task to rewrite my goals for just 90 days) and then I was overcome by not knowing where to start but then I realized that I have all the tools  that I need to get unstuck (a calendar, an imagination, pen & paper)…tools to get from behind the obstacles, to stop procrastinating and to face my issues head on.

To get up, over and through the obstacle, I had to (1) realize that I am the problem and get over myself, (2) just start somewhere, anywhere and (3) set goals and start tackling them one baby step at a time.  And an added bonus, (4) acknowledging that sometimes I don’t feel like it, embrace it for a minute or so… then get up and do it anyway.

So I have a question for you, what are your obstacles?  Why are you procrastinating? Are you the issue?

Let me hear about it.

PS – I’ll get back to talking about accounting stuff sooner or later…


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