Want to know what the cool kids are reading?

While I’m not all that cool…here’s a few things that I keep on my reading list. Check them out.


Summer Reading List 2013

Summer Reading List 2013

Summer Reading List for Business Owners

The question always makes me smile because I’m a big believer in continuing education.  You have to keep your mind sharp! Iron sharpens iron… so in no particular order, here are a few of my reading suggestions:

Michael Port – Book Yourself Solid

Michael Port – Beyond Booked Solid

Guy Kawasaki – Art Of The Start

Dan Ariely – Predictably Irrational

Chris Guillebeau – $100 Startup

Pat Flynn – Let Go

Pamela Slim – Escape From Cubicle Nation:  From Corporate Prisoner To Thriving Entrepreneur

Seth Godin – Tribes:  We Need You To Lead Us

Seth Godin – Poke The Box

Anne Samoilov – The White Space Solution:  Make Room For Your Best Life & Work

Laura Roeder – Facebook Fame:  The Facebook Marketing Bible For The Small Business

Simon Sinek – Start With Why:  How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action

Antonina D. Geer & Shae Bynes – The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur

Timothy Ferriss – The 4-Hour Workweek

Note:  above are affiliate links for Common Cents with Amazon.com 


Do you have a few favorites to add to the list? Hit me with them in the comments below!


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