Everybody wants a shortcut or two every now and again.

My shortcuts won’t make you a millionaire overnight but are knowledge based.

My shortcuts give you a peek into my head… a peek at some of the things I’ve learned over the past several years.

Theories that I’ve learned and tested for myself in my business (and observed in the businesses of my clients.

If you’re starting a service based business (or started one), this is the minimum you need to do to be successful and profitable.

Caveat: I’m going to assume that this is NOT a hobby and you’re ready to get it on with the big boys and big girls… you’re ready to make some money at this thing that you do, this thing that you offer the world.

CliffsNotes For Startups

CliffsNotes For Startups

CliffsNotes For Startups

1. Get Organized – even if you plan to be a solopreneur, once you’re ready to do this thing “for real”, you will want to establish your business formally and legally with your state (or country). Note: this is not legal advice. please consult an attorney for specifics with your situation.

2. Get Goals – even broad goals are better than no goals at all. You can’t and won’t know where you are going if you don’t have a map (in the form of goals). For extra credit, attach a monetary amount to those goals in the form of a budget… and you’re off to the races.

3. Get Clients – if you don’t already have a niche, get yourself one! Then go out there and find the people that you are meant to work with. If your niche is narrow enough, you will know where to find them… you’ll be able to find them on various social media outlets, through forums and through referrals.

4. Get Support – this doesn’t have to be paid support but support in this venture. Being the boss can be hard work. It can (and will be) mentally exhausting. Tell your family and friends what you’re up to… they may provide you with those golden referrals (remember: get clients). Talk to other entrepreneurs. Find a great group and let them know what you’re up to, what you’re struggling with… they too may provide you with some golden referrals.

5. Get Working – don’t just sit there like a bump on a log. Get to it… get busy (but not busy for the sake of being busy… busy with a purpose). Start working on your goals. Work a little every day towards achieving them.


Starting a business isn’t necessarily a piece of cake. Some days you’ll ask yourself, “what the hell was I thinking”… and I have definitely asked myself that on more than a few days but ultimately, I have to say that, for me, it has been worth it. I enjoy what I do, I enjoy who I work with and I enjoy being of service to them.

If you have questions about pricing or packaging, post them in the comments. If you are a little shy and want to ask me directly… feel free to complete the Burning Questions survey here → www.thecommoncents.com/questions.

Until next time,

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