What are you burning questions? 

Now, this a little departure from the regularly scheduled 2Cents programming.

Although I do frequently start off a post with a question… I typically have an answer to that question posed.

This time is a little different.  This time I’m asking the question and I want YOU to answer me.

burning questions

what are your burning questions?

I wanna know…What are your burning questions on pricing and packaging?

Are you stuck trading hours for dollars?  What is your sticking point?  What drives you bonkers when it comes to packaging your services?

And after you’ve packaged your services… what drives you insane in the membrane when it comes to pricing those packages?

I know for sure that you have questions… so ask away.  Ask as many as you want.

I’ve made is crazy simple for you to ask… just click this link and… ASK!

Don’t forget to give me your contact info so that I can do something crazy, like actually answer you!

Later gator!


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