That IS the question!!!

So I’m trying to keep in touch with those that come to visit my website (www.commoncentsoutsourcing.com). Trying to make sure to provide relevant information in a timely fashion. Like most things, relevant topics change rather frequently so I decided to bring myself & the business into the 21st century and opted for the blog instead of the newsletter. Why? Because with a weblog, I can provide insights more often on a flexible schedule and not feel pressured to write a novella/dissertation to do so.

Not that I’m here, representing virtual accountants and Common Cents Outsourcing… if you have questions, comments or topic suggestions, please let me. I look forward to hearing from you and receiving your feedback.

I hope you enjoy the content…



Note:  as of December 2011, I am doing both a blog (here) and a newsletter, 2Cents.  Get on the list here by putting in your details below this post.


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