I had the honor of guest blogging on CatherineJust.com’s website.  Check out what happened when Catherine asked the simple question, “so what do accountants DO?!?!?!”money trees Catherine Just

money doesn’t grow on trees. ©Catherine Just

The Soul*Full Tribe is a weekly series with inspiring life leaders who have been invited to share their heart felt experience and soul.

I’m so excited to share this article by my soul*full accountant Joyce M. Washington. Who knew that accounting could be so satisfying and bring so much joy and abundance?


This started off with a simple question.  Catherine asked me, “What do accountants DO!?!?!?!”

At this question, I had to laugh.  I find it a little funny because most people have an antiquated idea of what an accountant is and what an accountant does…but most people only get part of the picture right.  To look at me, I don’t fit the mold at all… your old school, traditional accountant/CPA is a middle-aged, white male.  I am none of the above.

That’s all I can give ya.  You will have to check out the rest of my guest post on www.catherinejust.com.  Hope you like it!



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