On this first day of tax season… thought I’d give you some tax tips you could use:  5 Ways The IRS Can Help You (or at least www.irs.gov)

Not every question requires a phone call to your tax accountant (if you have one) or the IRS.  Sometimes all you need is access to the Internet.  IRS LogoOver the years, the website for the Internal Revenue Service has grown and grown to be my first place to research tax topics.  Here are a few ways you can use IRS.gov this tax season.

1. Check the status of your tax refund:  Whether you chose direct deposit or asked the IRS to mail you a check, you can check the status of your refund through “Where’s My Refund?

2. Make payments electronically:  You can authorize an electronic funds withdrawal, use a credit or debit card, or enroll in the U.S. Treasury’s Electronic Federal Tax Payment System to pay your federal taxes. Electronic payment options are a convenient, safe and secure way to pay taxes.  If you have ever purchased anything online or used your bank’s online bill pay function, it’s similar to that – and just as easy.

3. Find out if you qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit:  EITC is a tax credit for many people who earned less than $49,000 in 2011.  Not sure if you are eligible?  Find out by answering some questions and providing basic income information using the EITC Assistant.

4. Calculate the right amount of withholding on your W-4:  Did you owe last year?  Let the IRS Withholding Calculator help so you don’t have too much or too little income tax withheld from your pay.

5. Get information about the latest tax law changes:  Want to know what the heck your CPA/Tax Accountant is talking about?  IRS.gov if chock full of information and there are special sections of the website that highlight changes that affect individual or business taxpayers.

Remember the address of the official IRS website is www.irs.gov. Don’t be confused by Internet sites that end in .com, .net, .org or other designations instead of .gov.

Disclaimer:  Don’t take this to mean that you should not ask for help when you need it.  Nor is this an invitation to be penny wise, pound foolish.  I do advise you to seek the advice of a professional regarding your individual circumstances.

Have questions or comments?  Let me hear it… feel free to comment below.


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