Episode 029 – Messy Money Costs Money: Steps To Clean Up Your Accounting Records

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About This Episode

Messy bookkeeping and accounting that has gone undone and unchecked for too long can cost you not only money but time and tax deductions.

If you’d like some assistance with tidying up your messy accounting records, schedule a consultation so that we can chat about how we can work together.

Highlights of this episode:

  • 00:48  A few ways that messy accounting is costly
  • 02:29  A Messy Money Horror Story
  • 03:03  Messy Money Lesson #1 – never give complete control of your finances to your accountant/bookkeeper
  • 05:29  Messy Money Lesson #2 – when outsourcing anything do NOT put your head in the sand, do NOT disappear – be present and available, participate in the process
  • 07:42  The 6 Steps to Clean Up Your Messy Accounting Records + a couple pro-tips to help you get it done

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