Episode 023 – Kill The Vanity Metrics Challenge – Day 1

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About This Episode

Focus on the metrics that matter and help you to maximize your productivity and profitability with the Kill The Vanity Metrics Challenge.

This episode is day 1 of 3 fun filled days.  Each episode contains a task in the form of a question or action… and an invitation to compete in the #KillVanityMetricsChallenge contest because healthy competition never hurt anyone, right?

Share your progress with me on Instagram at @thecommoncents, don’t forget to use the hashtag #KillVanityMetricsChallenge, especially if you’re participating in the contest.

Highlights of this episode:

  • 01:12  The specifics of the challenge
  • 02:00  How it’s going to work
  • 02:50  The details of the contest
  • 04:01  The hashtag:  #KillVanityMetricsChallenge
  • 04:30  Your day 1 activity & challenge action

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