Episode 020 – Time or Money…Bootstrapping Like A Boss

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About This Episode

Starting and growing a business is a bit of a dance… and a bit of a game.  Imagine a seesaw, one that balances time and money. At the beginning, and throughout the dance of business ownership, there’s a constant strive to balance them.

There will be times when you have more time than money…and times when you have more money than time.  But what about when the seesaw is broken and you have limited reserves of time AND money…

This episode is all about being a master bootstrapper.  Taking the time and money that you do have and making the absolute most of it…

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Highlights of this episode:

  • 00:46  The time and money seesaw but what if your seesaw is broken
  • 02:19  What to do instead of running to your credit cards (especially if you’re not sure if your business idea is a profitable one)
  • 03:09  When and why you shouldn’t use credit cards
  • 03:50  Why bootstrapping applies to all levels of business, not just the beginner or startup business owner
  • 04:42  Why you may need to say no to a few things
  • 06:06  How being laser focused will help you with time
  • 06:35  How to get over your procrastination + check out Episode 17
  • 06:58  Why documenting things now will help you in the long run
  • 08:13  Why you should implement a “cash only” policy
  • 09:26  How to decide when to invest and when to defer
  • 11:23  How much of cash reserve is recommended

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