About This Episode

What do chess and business strategy have in common?  A heck of a lot if you ask me…

In this episode, I walk through my process of treating strategic business planning like a game of chess…thinking more than 3 moves ahead and you’ll win at successfully achieving any business goal you set for yourself.

Highlights of this episode:

  • 01:18  Why strategic planning is a lot like planning and playing a game of chess
  • 03:33  What 3-4 moves you’ll make to set and achieve your business goals
  • 04:20  Why you need to start with your long term goals
  • 06:45  Why you need a WHY as your starting point
  • 07:35  Why the B-word (budget) shouldn’t freak you out
  • 08:49  How to break down your goals into a strategy and an action plan
  • 10:27  What to consider and the questions to ask yourself when reviewing and breaking down your goals
  • 11:15  Why you have to keep asking yourself questions and making adjustments to your action plan
  • 13:50  What two KPIs determine your conversion “runway”
  • 18:02  What strategies should you include in your action plan
  • 20:03  How often you should check-in and when you should pivot or stay the course

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