Episode 017 – Procrastination is Costing Your Money

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About This Episode

There are few things that kill momentum and cost you more money than procrastination.

Lack of planning, and lack of productivity don’t exact;y help the cause either.

I know because I admit it, I’m a recovering procrastinator.

For instance, it took me a week longer than it should have to get off my axx and batch record the podcast episodes for August (including this one).

So I guess that this episode is sort of a case study in my own attempt at getting back on track, recovering and reminding myself how to be a lot more productive and get stuff done…so that I can actually outsource a few things, spend a lot less time working and more time hanging out with my friends and family.

Tips that you can use if you’re a newbie, a side-hustler or veteran business owner.

Highlights of this episode:

  • 01:38  Why procrastination wastes everything – momentum, time, and money (and what to do about it)
  • 01:53  The 3 Ps – productivity, planning and procrastination
  • 02:02  Why multitasking is crap and another time-waster
  • 04:39  What I purchased helps me unplug and how it changed everything
  • 08:29  What hobby I accidently fell in love with
  • 08:45  Why being disorganized is related to procrastination
  • 09:45  What the tomato (pomodoro) technique is and how it always gets me back on track
  • 13:00  Confession of a serial procrastinator…
  • 16:01  How multitasking, disorganization and procrastination is costing you money

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