Bookkeeping can be intimidating and a bit overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be.  It can (and should be) a tool that you can use to plan and scale your business… sooner than later.

In this episode, I’m giving you four quick tips to get you on board with bookkeeping.  Just the basics. Afterall, we have to start with a foundation, right? RIGHT!

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Highlights of this episode:

  • 00:45  Introduction of this episode’s topic – bookkeeping and preventing messy money
  • 01:22  Tips to make bookkeeping a little less intimidating and less overwhelming
  • 02:12  Some accounting jargon every business owner should know
  • 03:34  How to record more complicated transactions
  • 03:47  How to get feedback from your accountant (leaving numbers notes)
  • 04:34  How to figure out tax deductibility
  • 06:08  How frequency and consistency can make bookkeeping less overwhelming
  • 08:24  Do you know your numbers?  A quick walkthrough of financial statements, “the reports”, and what it all means

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