It’s a simple question to which I have an in-your-face, dead simple answer.  What’s getting in the way of your business growth?  In one word…YOU!!!

Pardon me as I get in your face a bit here but if your business is not growing, the problem is NOT the economy – the problem is NOT the lack of leads – the problem is NOT your current clients – the problem is NOT your sales team.  The problem is YOU.

How do I know the problem is you?  Because I used to be you… I used to be the problem in my business.  I used to be stuck in a rut, spinning my wheels, wearing too many hats, trying to get everything done.  Then one day, I looked up and realized that I had worked until midnight again for the umpteenth time and I had had it!  Enough was enough… I didn’t have a business, I had a job!   *screams in horror*

So after I picked myself up off the floor and stopped shaking my fist in the air, I decided to do something about it.  *Wait for it – solution coming*  I decided I needed to outsource some stuff.  I mean really, I do own a virtual accounting services firm … where small business owners outsource their accounting to us so this should have been a no brainer, right?

Deciding to outsource was the easy part – what to outsource?  Not as easy.  To figure it out, I spent the next month, still doing everything but doing it a bit differently.  Every time I did something – I wrote it down but I had columns.  The column headers were “me” and “someone else”… In order to figure out what to delegate & outsource, I had to figure out exactly what was I spending all of my time doing.

break the chains - grow your business

Fast forward… list done, systems created, virtual assistant selected.  Now I’ve freed up some time to grow.

Moral of the story, you can’t cram more stuff into 24 hours* without letting go of a few things and making room for growth.  Out with the old… in with the new.

So cheers to your business growth!

*or 8 hours… however, long your work day is


The power to grow is up to you.  Just do it already!    If you’re ready grow but not sure how, need some help – post a comment, send me an email…send up smoke signal.




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