At the end of the year, I get all “year-endy”. (Yes, I just made up a word but whatever..anyway).

I get all year-endy about what I’ve done with my time over the past year.

And since folks (like you) tend to ask me what I read, there’s no better time than now to tell ya.

So to answer the question “what do you read?”… Here are few selections from my “read it” list.

Top 3 "Read-It" Books Of The Year

Top 3 “Read-It” Books Of The Year

Note: As of late I have been reading 2-3 books a month…so this is my “top 3” list of books that I’ve read this year that impacted & directed the course of my year the most. Surprise 2 of the 3 aren’t even “business” books in the traditional sense. But that’s typical for me. The non-traditional accountant. Anywho, here’s the list.

$100 Startup

$100 Startup by Chris GuillebeauThe only “business” book on my top 3 read it list.

Now, to be clear, it is NOT my belief that everyone should start a business. Not everyone is cut out for this thing called entrepreneurship. Not everyone has the mindset or the drive for it. But I digress.

I simply adore this book because at the end of the day, it boils down to this, you do NOT have to go into debt to start a business.

You can start a business for $100 (or less).

You CAN bootstrap your way to a successful business endeavor.

That’s the way I’ve done it. That’s the way my business friends have done it. And, as you will read with the case studies in this book, that’s the way, these folks have done it.

Simply, 275+ pages of motivation.


I don’t think I’ve mentioned it lately but I kinda dig Seth Godin.

He’s a bit of a nerd. He’s a bit of a weirdo. (LOL) But he makes me THINK and I love that.

Tribes is a bit of a “call to arms” kinda book.

It’s like watching 300 or Gladiator and wanting to fight to the death.

It’s more of a leadership book than a business book but with that said… what’s a business founder if not a leader?

It makes me question what do I really stand for, what do I really want out of life, what am I willing to fight for?

When you start a business that you really love, doing something that you really dig, helping folks… these are questions that come to mind. At least they do for me. I’m thinking that it will do the same for you.

The Total Money Makeover

The Total Money MakeoverEither you love Dave Ramsey or you hate him. I don’t really think there is much of a gray area when it comes to this dude, lol. He can be a bit preachy at times but I kinda like him myself.

Book 3 on my hit parade, again, isn’t really a business book, per se, but the concepts can (and should) be applied to your business life.

Most folks start a business solo or maybe with a spouse or partner.

Some go into a lot of debt doing it (please refer back to $100 Startup to make sure you don’t do that).

Some go the cash only route, bootstrapping things as much as possible.

I don’t want to give too much away, but the steps of The Total Money Makeover are 6 steps that will make your friends think you are crazy.

Kind of like being an entrepreneur…and the saying “live now like no one else, so that you can live later like no one else”. Meaning struggle, budget, set aside and be frugal now… so that you can live life on your terms later. A life of financial freedom.

So what are YOU reading? What have you read that I can add to my “must read” list? I am ready 2-4 books a month, so I do need to replenish my reading list from time to time. Help a sister out, will ya?


PS – here are the links, just in case you missed ‘em:
$100 Startup
The Total Money Makeover

(note: they are affiliate links)

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