There’s gold in them there hills…

Sorry.  Must have watched one too many westerns this weekend.

But watching them made me question something…

How many of us have a niche? A specialty?

You’re Special

Westerns are clearly a niche… they appeal to a certain type of person.

And those people tend to be die hard fans.

Like the fans of Die Hard.

Sorry, I’ve digressed a bit again.  But back to the point.

niche bullseye

gotta niche it to hit a bullseye

Niche It!

You’ve got to niche it.

I know it’s hard and I, myself, resisted it like it was a fatal disease.

I JUST declared mine in the last month or so.

Why now?  Because I finally decided… ENOUGH.

How the heck can I find the people I want to work with without a niche?

How the heck can my clients refer great peeps to me, if they don’t know who I really love to work with?

So…I spent some time going through my notes and brainstorming and finally picked one!

Hit the Bullseye

So what’s a niche anyway?

To me, a niche, is a subset of a larger market.  A subset of peeps that you can identify.

Peeps that you know them when you see them.  You talk to them and it’s like you’re old friends.

So who are my nearest and dearest friends that make up my niche?  My friends are… coaches, consultants and accountants.  Naturally.

Are Riches In Niches?  Really?

Yup… really.  There are riches in niches.

Just about any niche.

How?  Why?  Because when you can find your ideal friend/customer, it’s that much easier to build a relationship with them, market to them, discover what services and products they need… and do something absolutely mad.  Like give them what they want!

So stop trying to be everything to everybody.

Pick a niche… and roll with it.

And here’s a bonus tip:  If it doesn’t work out… if you decide you hate the niche you chose.  Guess what?  You can pick a new one!

So my question now is this:  Do you have a niche?  If you don’t, why not?  What’s stopping you from claiming it and your riches?  (Let me know in the comments below).


If you would like some help harvesting the riches in your niche, check out The Blueprint.

Let me know if you have any questions.






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