Are you suffering from timesheet overload in your business?

May I make a suggestion?


Kill it.  Kill the timesheet.

It’s killing you.

It’s killing your business.

Tracking time for money as a service provider is a slippery slope.

Opposing Teams

Instead of creating rapport and camaraderie between you and your clients, it does exactly the opposite.  It puts you on opposite sides of the fence.  It puts you on opposing teams.

What You Want

Don’t believe me?  Just think about it.  What do you want?  You want to optimize your billable hours.  You want to make the most money possible… you want your business to be profitable.  Really profitable.

What They Want

What does your customer want?  They want to minimize expenses while getting the best service possible.  So either they hire cheap labor or they hire “the best” but they watch the clock like a hawk because they want to get the best for the least amount possible… So they want you to get their project(s) done in the least amount of time possible.

See what I mean, you want the most hours (and money earned) possible and they want the least hours (and money spent) possible.  Opposite teams.

The Fix Is In

So what do you do?  I mean you do want to be on the same side, working toward the same goal with your customers, right?  You want them to get the best service possible from the best service provider (you)… and get compensated fairly while doing what you love.  Right?

So how do you do that?  You get away from the timesheet.  You TRASH IT.  You make clockwatching a thing of the past and watch something else.  You watch the valuable project that your customer has entrusted you with and you give them your best instead of giving them your time.

Kill The Timesheet

So seriously, do yourself a huge favor and just be done with it.  Kill it.  Kill the timesheet once and for all.


Are you ready to kill the timesheet?  It’s a journey and a hard habit to break.

Have a question?  Not sure how to go clockwatcher to project watcher?  Leave your question and/or comments in the comments section.

I’d love to hear how you do it.

Cheers!  ~Joyce~

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