Now that you know the magic number or optimal number of products and service packages you should offer (Do You Believe In Magic?)…

I bet you’re asking just how you can do that.  

How can you create packages?

You can not only create them…but you can start creating and packaging great products out of thin air. Today.

Simple Techniques

I like simplicity.  No need to get extra complicated or be something that you aren’t.

Be awesome at whatever it is that you do.  Create something that folks are just dying to buy.

The catch to making it something they are dying to buy is this… you’ve got to make it great.  So let’s create some greatness.

So exactly how DO you create a product out of thin air? How do you go about packaging your services into a cohesive product or service package?

Here are a few methods that I use to achieve that end result.

Out of Thin Air

Packaging – Out of Thin Air

Packaging Tip #1 – Surveys

This one was so crazy simple that personally, I almost didn’t get around to doing this in my own business.

If you want to offer something awesome and something great to your audience do something crazy.  Ask them what they want!

If your results are anything like mine were, you will be surprise by what your folks really want from you.  And it may come as an additional surprise that what they want is probably not on your service menu.

(Sidenote:  This may be a prime indicator for WHY you aren’t selling anything… it’s because you aren’t giving people what they really want.)

So Tip #1 – ASK.  Do a survey.

Packaging Tip #2 – Greatest Hits

If you’ve been running your business for any amount of time, you probably have the solution to your packaging conundrum right under you nose.  Especially if you already have a few product and service offerings out there.

Run a little internal survey.  Something of a popularity contest.  A little thing I like to call “Greatest Hits”.

Take a look at your numbers.  Take a look at your orders.  Look across your current customer list…

What you’re looking for is the ‘popular kids’ on your business playground.  What services are the most popular? What projects are requested the most?  What services have you been asked to do so often that you could probably do them in your sleep?

These, my friend, are your Greatest Hits!

It’s what you do all the time. It’s your zone of perfection in your business universe.  So bottle it… well, package it and make it super easy for your new clients to work with you.

So Tip #2 – Embrace the popular kid on your business playground.

Packaging Tip #3 – FAQs

Now, if you’ve been up and running for more than a month, I bet you have a list or even a page on your website that contains the ever knowing Frequently Asked Questions.

These are usually the questions that people (clients and potential clients alike)… the questions that they ask you all. the. time!

So what questions do your customers ask you all the time?  My point is that this goldmine of information works for more than a FAQ page on your website… this can work for product creation too.

Every product or service package doesn’t have to be something that you exchange for money… it could be a freebie that you use for list building or as a new client “orientation”.

You can easily mold a webinar around the answer to one or two answers to those questions from the FAQ page.

So Tip #3 – Bring your FAQ page to life – create a product or service offering out of it.


If you would like to learn more about product and service packaging, check out my free webinar: From Busy To Business in 30 Days.



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