How Virtual Bookkeeping Works

So you’ve heard about the cloud.  You’ve heard about virtual assistants.  You’ve heard about virtual bookkeepers & accountants.  But how do they do that?

Well, it depends but simplistically – you create a task (send a document/make a request/submit a project) and the service provider completes the task.  Throw in the internet/the cloud… mix, stir and voila.  Right?

Virtual bookkeeping and accounting is rather easy, if you let go of the notion that your bookkeeper/accountant has to inhabit the same space as you do.  Once you get over that concept…the clouds will open up to you.

Location aside, all the other rules apply – such as, communication is key (written, verbal).

So how do virtual bookkeeping & accounting services work?  You send documents (fax or scan & upload to secure server), we retrieve the documents, complete data entry, analysis and create financial statements.

It’s really not that hard but it can get complicated when you consider all the cloud services available and integrating everything into a cohesive package.  Once you do, I promise your life as a business owner or consultant will be easier.

Want more information about how we do virtual bookkeeping and accounting here at Common Cents?  Check this out or check out our demo.

Disclaimer: As with most things that are subjective, if you ask ten people – you will get ten different answers. In my opinion, Virtual Accounting/Virtual Bookkeeping is one of those things. Not necessarily the definition itself but the process of how the services are performed and delivered.  This is my opinion and an overview of how we do things.


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