How a Tech-Savvy Accountant Waited for Technology to Catch Up to Her Vision

by Isaac M. O’Bannon, Technology Editor of CPA Practice Advisor

A Productivity in Practice Feature – From the Dec. 2011 Issue

Some of the greatest ideas are imagined years before they can be accomplished. In 2002, a young professional accountant had the idea of providing virtual accounting services to clients. While that’s less than a decade ago, it is almost an eon technologically. The word cloud still meant those white fluffy things in the sky, and the term SaaS, when spoken, was more likely to be confused with sass, as in backtalk.

Yes, there were online programs even in the accounting space as far back as 1998, but the term SaaS, for Software-as-a-Service, wasn’t even coined until 2005 at a technology conference. So in 2002, when Joyce Washington envisioned a practice built around remote accounting systems and anywhere/anytime virtual services, the technology was only starting to emerge and was still fairly limited.

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Photo Credit:  Bwana Bomani of Botography, Inc – www.thebotogs.com








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