I used to have a list of tools that I use in my business. The last time I updated it was over two years ago.

A lot has changed in my business since then.

I’ve become super clear on who I am as a business owner, super clear on the people/types of business owners I work best with (and who gets the best results) and super clear on the direction of my business.

Business Building Tools - Resource Page


No Optin…Free To View

I used to hide this this list behind a “pay” or “optin” wall.. you give me your email address/subscribe to my list and I give you my updated list. But I found that wasn’t the best use of either of our time. Because maybe you’re a good fit for my emails and tips.. maybe you aren’t. So I’ve decided to just update the list from time to time and let it be free to anyone that wants to see it…

You can find it here >> Business Building Resources

If you want to join my email list to get tips and insight on how I actually use these tools in my everyday life as a business owner.. you can join my list here >> 2Cents Tips, Tools & Updates

What Do You Use?

If you’re still here, leave a comment and tell me what tools you use every day in your business. I’m a bit of a gadget girl so I can appreciate a few shiny objects.

Thanks for reading.

Business Building Tools
2Cents Tips, Tools & Updates

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