I have a similar blog post in December, 2008. Enjoy ~ Joyce

Excerpt: Throughout the 2008-2009 recession we have seen a rash of articles about why it’s a good time to start a business. Sometimes I feel those articles are more a matter of the writer trying to convince himself or herself that it’s a good time to start a business, than convince anyone else! After all, some people lose their jobs and then become unwilling entrepreneurs.

Still, it’s true that a recession can be a rare opportunity to start a business. One reason: competitors (especially large corporations) are distracted by their own market challenges.

That can be good for you if you are thinking of starting — or expanding — your business. It means others in the marketplace are not minding the store. It could provide just enough of an opening in the market to get a toehold to scale new heights.

If you’d like to read more – Another Reason Recessions are a Good Time to Start a Business


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