It’s day 2 of 3 day Kill The Vanity Metrics Challenge where we are focusing on the metrics that matter and help you to maximize your productivity and profitability.

Mentioned in today’s episode:

  • All about Mirror Metrics… and what they heck they are
  • The 3 types of metrics to focus on
  • Your day 2 activity & challenge action

Don’t forget to share your progress with me on Instagram at @thecommoncents, using the hashtag #KillVanityMetricsChallenge, especially if you’re participating in the contest.

As a reminder, here are The Challenge Contest details.

How it works:  simply got to Instagram, tag me (@thecommoncents) and use the hashtag (#KillVanityMetricsChallenge)…

You can earn points in one of four ways…

  • 1 point for direct messaging me using the hashtag
  • 2 points for commenting on the day’s challenge post & using the hashtag
  • 3 points for posting a story from your profile, don’t forget to tag me and use the hashtag
  • 5 points for posting on your own IG profile, don’t forget to tag me and use the hashtag

Again, the challenge contest ends Sunday, 9/22 at noon US Eastern time so that I can tally up the points.  I will be announcing the winners on Monday, 9/23 at noon US Eastern time.

If you have any questions about today’s challenge task, send us an email.

We’ll be back tomorrow for Day 3.

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