Episode 016 – Bank Reconciliations: The What, When, & Why

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About This Episode

Bank reconciliations aren’t just for bookkeeping and accounting professionals.  

They aren’t some useless report that we like to do for the heck of it…

This is a report that can actually save you for losing money… so I bet you’re wondering… 

What the heck are bank reconciliations? And why do you need to do them? (yes, NEED)… and since you NEED to do them, when should you do them…

Mentioned in this episode: 

  • Answers to all those questions 
  • briefly touch on for how you can get it done
  • with the help of accounting software (if you’re already using it). 

Additional resources:

Highlights of this episode:

  • 01:22  What is a bank reconciliation? (or a credit card reconciliation)
  • 02:39  Why you want to do your bank reconciliations
  • 03:32  When you should be doing your bank reconciliations
  • 05:06  What you should get from your reconciliation report and what various parts of it means
  • 05:55  Recap of the what, why and when of bank recs

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