Money Metrics Tracker Bundle

Money Metrics Tracker Bundle


Regular Price: $399

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Every business has the capacity to be profitable but a lot of business owners are focused on the wrong stuff.

Tracking your money metrics can quickly point out

  • when you’re profitable and when you aren’t;
  • what activities bring in the cash…and which ones are probably fun but a waste of your time.

Getting hyper-focused on profits + money-making activities = earning more with less effort.

It’s just that simple.  Period.  End of discussion.

So I have a question.  Does any of this sound familiar?

(See my rebuttals in the parenthesis 😎)

I’m not tracking my numbers because:

👉 I don’t know what to track so I don’t track anything (c’mon now, can’t go anywhere new without a map – metrics are your map)

👉 It’s just one more thing to do and I’m already exhausted (Yes, it is one more thing BUT trust me, if you do it consistently and get into the habit, it will take you 10-15 mins or so PER WEEK – so hardly any time at all.  Furthermore, it will SAVE you time because you’ll get focused on profit-generating activities.)

👉 I’m not good at math/I’m not good at tech. (You don’t have to be. You just need to be able to open a spreadsheet & input the information.  The calculators and the formulas in the templates will take care of the math for you).

👉 I’m waiting until I’m “big enough” to hire a bookkeeper or CPA (In my humble opinion, this one of the biggest mistakes I see startups make – “waiting until” they can hire someone to do it for them.  In the meantime, the numbers aren’t current so you’re making everyday business decisions in the dark.)

👉 I gather my stuff together to get my taxes done and that’s good enough (More ‘in the dark’ decision making.  More “waiting until”…you already know how I feel about that, right?)

👉 Bookkeeping is boring or it’s too hard.  The software is too complicated.  (None of this is true… but I’m a CPA so I’m a little partial.  Please note:  metrics tracking ISN’T bookkeeping and it isn’t meant to be a replacement.  Metrics trackers, like these, are supplemental tools to help you keep meaningful numbers in one place and at your fingertips so that you can make great business decisions with confidence and ease.)



It’s hard to know which metrics lead to money… Sometimes it can be really hard to focus on the metrics that matter in your business, especially when you’re just starting or you’re a solo-preneuer.

The Money Metrics Tracker Bundle helps you track everything – the KPIs that matter in your business, sales opportunities, income and expense as well as helping you calculate what to pay yourself and how much to squirrel away for estimated taxes – all in one place.

What’s included in the Money Metrics Tracker Bundle:

✔ KPI Metrics Tracker (value: $99) – tracks the metrics that lead to money, like number of consultations, or number of pending service agreements

✔ Sales Opportunity Tracker + Sales Conversion Calculator (value: $99) – tracks your prospective clients & helps you calculate your conversion rate & calculates your conversion rates based on the Sales Tracker

✔ Income Tracker + Expense Tracker + Profit/Loss Calculator + Pay Yourself/Estimated Calculator (value: $199) – tracks your progress to reaching your income goal & tracks your expenses by month, quarter & for the year & calculates your profit or loss for the month/quarter/year based on your Income & Expense Trackers & quickly calculates what you should pay yourself and how much you should set aside for estimated taxes and future expenses based on the Profit/Loss Calculator

➕ Step-By-Step Walk Through Videos (value: $300) – like looking over my shoulder, I’ll input some sample information in each of the trackers to show you how to customize and use the trackers

➕ Step-By-Step Walk Through PDFs (value: $300) – if videos aren’t your thing, there are PDFs with screenshot images to explain each tracker and walk you through how to customize and use them

Purchased separately, the overall cost of the templates + walkthrough bonuses would total: $997.

The investment for this template bundle is $399 or three installment payments of $133.


Making sure your business is profitable from the beginning…helping you harness your metrics and have your numbers at your fingertips.



These tracker templates are NOT a replacement for a full bookkeeping software/system or the advice of accounting and tax professionals.  



  • Starters and established entrepreneurs – those who need one place to track their money metrics
  • Service-based solopreneurs and small biz CEOs like coaches, consultants, freelancers, infopreneurs

Note: the Money Trackers are not location specific so you can be a solopreneur based anywhere – the examples given are in USD but the basics are the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be good at math?

No.  All the calculations and formulas are already there for you… if you know how to open a Google Sheet and input number into the cells, you’re good to go.

YOU CAN DO THIS… I promise.

Do I have to be a US based company? or charge US Dollars?

Simple… NO.  Although, the basis of the calculations are US dollars, you can change them to any currency you like.  The foundational concepts and math are universal to any company, anywhere in the world. 

What’s the format of the tracker templates?
The templates are currently available via the Google Sheets format.  Note, if you’re a MS Excel lover, you can always convert it into that format.
Do I have to be an ace at Excel or Google Sheets?

Nope, follow along with the walk through video or the pdf. You’ll do fine.

What happens next? How do I access the trackers?

Here’s what happens next. You will receive your email receipt and a separate welcome email.

Inside your welcome email, you’ll find links to download your tracker bundle, plus the instructional videos and instructional PDFs.

If you don’t receive either your receipt or your welcome email within an hour or so…and you’ve already checked your spam folder, please email [email protected].

Can I get a refund? Do you offer a guarantee?

Once you’ve downloaded them, they are yours to use in your business.   As much as I would love to offer refunds & guarantees, the digital nature of the templates makes that hard.  It’s for this reason that I have a no-refund policy.

This is THE money tool that all solo entrepreneurs need.

It is what you want your accountant to do for you so you can see the results in all the important areas in you business and put focus where it is needed.

I feel so much more organized and I love having everything that’s important to my financial success in one place.

Gemma Stow - Confidence Coach for Introvert Female Leaders gemmastow.com
Gemma Stow - Confidence Coach for Introvert Female Leaders

The Money Metrics Trackers made me more aware of things I should be considering for my business.

I feel more organized, I’m more aware of setting goals and I know how to keep track of things.

Jennifer Jessie - Small Business Owner 
Jennifer Jessie - Small Business Owner

I’ve tried a dozen times to learn about metrics, and apply them to my business.

I knew they would make a huge difference in reaching my revenue goals. But I always gave up. 

Joyce has decades of experience. She’s boiled it all down to which numbers to pay attention to.

I was up and running in a weekend.

Megan Everett - Project Manager meganeverettinc.com
Megan Everett - Project Manager

I really like the money metrics tracker.

It’s super simple to use and it’ll help anyone at any business stage scale their income, help them measure and track their successes…all in one place.

I also like that it’s international – it can be really frustrating to only have resources that work in one country!

This is one of the *very* few resources that I happily recommend to my clients.

Jessica Lorimer - CEO, Smart Leaders Sell smartleaderssell.com
Jessica Lorimer - CEO, Smart Leaders Sell

Meet Your Money Metrics Tracker Creator

Joyce M. Washington, CPA


Joyce is a business strategist & virtual CFO Joyce M. Washington, CPAwho helps small business owners keep more of their profits, pay less in taxes and earn more money through savvy money management.

She is a licensed Certified Public Accountant (Maryland), holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and is a certified advisor for Xero Accounting Software.

Named one of the CPA Practice Advisor’s 40 under 40, she’s a regular contributor to publications like CPA Practice Advisor, Prevention Magazine and SmartCEO Magazine, and is a true expert in the accounting field.

She uses her masterful & highly sought after finance skills to help her clients create long term growth and implement profit management strategies.

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